DESDE MÍ MISMA (2015) MARIA ELIA - Tangos en Voz + Piano

Tú pálida voz [Homero Manzi - Charlo]
Por una cabeza [C. Gardel - A. Le Pera]
Tú [José María Contursi - J. Dames]
Naranjo en flor [Homero Expósito - Virgilio Expósito]
Milonga sentimental [H. Manzi - Sebastián Piana]
Flor de lino [H. Expósito - Héctor Stamponi]
Nostalgias [Enrique Cadícamo - Juan Carlos Cobián]
Alma en pena [Francisco García Jiménez - Anselmo Aieta]
Uno [Enrique Santos Discépolo - Mariano Mores]
Volver [C. Gardel - A. Le Pera]

With her first solo album, the Argentine singer and pianist articulates with expressiveness and from her own perspective a fine interpretation of Tangos of such outstanding authors and composers of the likes of Contursi and Dames, Gardel and Le Pera, Cadícamo and Cobián, the Expósito Brothers, Manzi and Piana, among others. It is a reflection of a solid and powerful artistic identity with a great deal of interpretative artistry in a one-cut album resulting from the most intimate influences on the piano and the voice itself.

The disc was presented in February 2016 in Montreux, Switzerland, and was anticipated in two tours in 2014 and 2015 doing twenty concerts along European cities in Germany, France and Switzerland [such as Paris, Stuttgart, Montreux, Zurich among others]

Piano, voice, arrangements and artistic production by María Elía
Executive Production by Fede Amaya and María Elía
Photos by Eugeñio Martínez and Fede Amaya for MAU Música Audiovisual mauproducciones.com/es
Graphic Design by Clara Martínez - mapixstudio.com.ar
Recorded by Álvaro Torres on June 2015 at Estudio MedioNaranja in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mixed by Amadeo Álvaro on Junio 2015 at Estudio MedioNaranja, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mastered by Amadeo Álvaro on Julio 2015 at Estudio Bulo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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