ATAJO (Imaginary South Records 2005) MARÍA ELÍA - DIEGO PENELAS

Beneath the sharp melodies and a fresh, clear style of singing there lies a significant shared sensitivity- one that articulates in profound commitment with the message arising from both the composer and guitar, so involved with the manner those voices flow and feel (...) Diego and María can make that happen! One can perceive that unique energy achieved with patience and musicality. And to our astonishment, most enriching is the experience of sharing the humbleness of someone who builds their own way, their universe of images and emotions (…)

(…) the cd contains music with assorted influences: Argentine folklore music from various regions, Bossa nova or Galician tradition style. But, in reverse order, there lies within the works of this duet a pictorial spirit that subtly portrays geographical and cultural sceneries with no boundaries at all, through their most distinctive features (…) María´s voice conveys a deeply melodic rendition, as an instrument and at the same time in her way of expressing the ideas and feelings of the lyrics. These two artists... take ensemble in interpretation very seriously, on the demands of best rendering their highest quality and a sound professional background.

1. Atajo
2. O una vidala
3. Santa Teresa
4. Entre lombrices
5. Faena
6. Anclas de azúcar
7. Carnaval de los milagros
8. Otras preguntas
9. Menguante
10. Creciente
11. Constelación

All songs composed by Diego Penelas except Santa Teresa (Lyrics Federico Penelas, Music Diego Penelas)
Musicians María Elía | Voice
Diego Penelas |Voices, Guitar, Piano
Guest musicians Mario Gusso | Drums in Constelación
Federico Landaburu | Clarinet in Constelación
Gabriel Domenicucci | Fretless Bass in Constelación

Arrangement by María Elía and Diego Penelas
Artistic production by María Elía and Diego Penelas
Produced by Fernando Tarrés for Imaginay South Records
Recorded at César Angeleri’s Studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on February and March 2004
Piano recorded at BAC Sound (Buenos Aires, Argentina) by Jorge Berén
Drums and bass recorded at Estudio del Nuevo Mundo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) by Mario Sobrino.
Mixed by Néstor Basurto, María Elía and Diego Penelas
Mastered by Néstor Basurto
Graphic design by Diego Mourelos
Photos by Maria Birba
Sculptures by Hugo Penelas

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