Maria was born in Buenos Aires, she is a singer, pianist and voice coach as well.

She begins to take piano lessons at age of nine and her voice was part of her expressive language since childhood too. She obtained her degree at the Conservatorio Municipal Manuel de Falla and takes regular voice training courses with Professor Eugene Rabine in Germany and, in Buenos Aires with Elisa Viladesau and Roxana Peralta, both of them Certified Rabine Teachers. Since 2003 she has been attending various workshops and specialty courses with a view to further her knowledge of the Rabine Functional Voice Training Method.

In 1999, for two consecutive seasons, she sang at the legendary Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires and was a member of the local committee at the 8º Cumbre Mundial del Tango (Worldwide Tango Summit) which took place in Patagonia, Argentina in 2009 and participated in the 2015 Festival y Mundial de Tango (Worldwide Tango Festival) along with the Edgardo Acuña Quintet. In 2015, along with drummer and composer Daniel Messina, she did a show based on a most interesting Latin American music proposal in Montreux, Switzerland and the cities of Heilbronn and Stuttgart, Germany.

For ten years, she worked alongside composer Diego Penelas and made two albums: “Atajo” (Shortcut) by Imaginary South Records in 2005 and “Camaléon de Papel” (Paper Chameleon) by MDR in 2009. They were also part of: “Nuevas canciones para niños sin sueño” (New songs for sleepless children) (2005) by Sebastián Monk, “Como dibujos del agua” (Like sketches from water) by Mario Gusso - Pai Records 2009; they also paid homage to Luis A. Spinetta on two occasions: “Abremente” (Mind opener) (Yass 2008) y “Al flaco...dale gracias!” by D-Rock in 2006. They performed as well at the CC Rojas, CC de la Cooperación, Gallery Nights 2005, La noche de los museos 2006, 7mo encuentro Músicas de Provincia, Bares Notables 2007, Auditorio Radio Nacional, Café Vinilo, Ciclo música en el CEAMC, among others.

As an interpreter she has been summoned by Argentinian composers such as Sebastián Monk, Nora Sarmoria, Marina Santillán, Georgina Hassan, Cecilia Zabala, Zulema Alcayaga, Edgardo Acuña and Luis Pescetti. She has also performed on stage and recorded with outstanding Argentine artists such as Liliana Herrero, Juan Quintero, Mario Gusso, César Angeleri, Néstor Basurto, Hernán Lugano, Alejandro Manzoni, Beto Caletti, Brian Chambouleyron, among others.

She took part in varied musical and theater experiences such as: “Ciclo Poesía en Escena” (2015) -a Poetry Session on Stage, together with Osmar Nuñez and Ingrid Pelicori under the direction of Analía Fedra García at the Nacional Cervantes Theater; also with “Lutherieces” (2011) at the La Baita Theater in Bariloche; “Tangolpeando” (2006) with Iván Espeche at the Teatro Municipal in San Nicolás and a season presenting “Canciones para Argentinitos” (2006) (Songs for the little Argentine Children) composed by Waldo Belloso and Zulema Alcayaga at the Teatro Empire.

Since 2015 she has been part of NeXo- a cultural interactive program promoted by the British Council and Wales Arts International, with nine musicians from five nations [Argentina, Galicia, Scotland, Uruguay and Wales] with whom she gave two concerts at the Festival Celtic Connections 2016 encounter [Glasgow, Escocia] along with full BBC coverage.

At present, as a pianist, vocalist and tango arranger she is launching her first solo album DESDE MÍ MISMA (From Within Myself) presented in February, 2016 in Montreux, Switzerland. She has been performing the songs thereof in two tours in 2014 and 2015 in a series of twenty concerts in various European cities of Germany, France and Switzerland. In addition, since 2013.

In 2016 she was also part the prestigious teaching staff at the Encuentro Internacional de Tango para Músicos (International Tango Encounter for Musicians), an event declared heritage of cultural, touristic and educational significance by Ministerio de Cultura (Culture Department) and Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (City Government of Buenos Aires). Also, she taught for two years Vocal Technique at Río Negro University; an activity she is currently committed to, at the Centro Cultural Rojas (UBA)

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